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Apartment renovation, office renovation, interior design

Gael - apartment renovation, office renovation, interior design


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Example repairOne of the main principles of our company's work is to help the client avoid all possible problems related to renovation. This is the reason we offer you quality, comfort and a whole selection of services from creating a task, and forming a project to hanging curtains in a fully renovated, live-in ready apartment. When working with office space, we do everything including installing computer networks and Internet connections. Complexity, high quality, flexibility when working with clients, a unique warranty system, and renovation insurance are the advantages of our company.

The following are included in the list of our services:
- interior design
- fan-shui analysis
- determining the condition of the space
- estimation
- re-planning and state approval for re-planning
- apartment renovation
- office renovation
- installation of home theaters, built-in vacuum cleaners and other household appliances
- renovation insurance

You wont regret the five minutes you spend getting familiar with our site.

unique offer!
When entering into a contract for repair and design - 50% discount on the implementation of the project design

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