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Apartment renovation, office renovation, interior design

Gael - apartment renovation, office renovation, interior design

Replanning and harmonization

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Apartment re-planning
We will implement all your ideas for re-planning and suggest our own options for organizing a living space, which fit your taste and requirements. Our specialists have a lot of experience in developing design projects with re-planning in a short period of time and are ready to suggest several prepared solutions.

Re-planning approval
According to current law, it is necessary to attain approval from the Interdepartmental Commission in order to carry out re-planning in an apartment.
Re-planning without the proper permission documents can cause conflicts with neighbors, members of the Housing Commission and clerks from State organization. In addition to this, any company, which carries out illegal re-planning, is in danger of losing its license.

We work according to the law and process the initial-permission documentation for apartment/office and shopping center re-planning. This service is offered separately and in the design project.

The following is included in this service:

  • Expertise in the initial documents
  • Processing the documents
  • Determining the technical condition of the space, including the constructions and engineering systems
  • technical estimation
  • project work for re-planning the space
  • approval from State organizations (sanitary epidemic station, local housing maintenance office, housing inspection etc.) to present to the Interdepartmental Commission
  • permission from Moscow Energy Department for the necessary electrical power
  • re-registration of documents in the Bureau of Technical Inventory

Plan of action (in order):

  • sign contract for office re-planning services
  • process power of attorney in the name of one of our employees who will represent you at all the State organizations
  • deposit prepayment

Whenever you have any questions regarding re-planning and approval you may ask one of our specialists.

unique offer!
When entering into a contract for repair and design - 50% discount on the implementation of the project design

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