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Design project - a purely individual thing, unique and fascinating. The main thing in this case mood, there is no gift the phrase "You name the boat, and so it floats." 200 designers can draw up to the same area of 200 not similar projects, even if the same customer. This is because at any time world rights differently and Understanding occurs with different people on different levels. Therefore approach to the development of the project design must be thoroughly, thoughtfully with the positive mood and preferably pre-acquainted with the alleged designer, in order to ensure your future compatibility.
Virtually any design project consists of several parts:

- Part sketch.
This is a portion, which is developed and approved and implemented future planning perspective drawings interior. Drawings can be performed electronically varying degrees of work, you can make a photographic image quality, and You can stay at close to reality. The difference between these pictures substantial, but if there is no imagination and the willingness to spend extra money, the second option is no worse than the first. The same can be ordered drawings performed manually, they give special energy and charm in the development project.

- Technical part.
The technical part of the project design includes a package of documents necessary for translating the builders of transportation designer and the customer. To have drawn up 10-20 drawings which shows the location of sockets, switches genders warm, demolition / erected structures and the like

- Selection of materials.
As a result of discussions with the client, designer desired effect of the premises on which shall design, visits to showrooms and stores, views of the various catalogues, a statement of finishing materials. It includes all volumes dekoriruemyh named material surfaces with dressing, lists for domestic and household appliances, furniture and decor.
Then you can see the price of a standard design:
Name objectsThe cost of services per sq.m, rub.
1Part sketch design project540
2The technical part of design project 810
3Design project complete1350
4Authors supervision month - 10800
53D images in Artlantis from 810
63D images in 3Ds Max from 1350
7Departure / designer consultation1/2 of day - 1350

All three stages occur either in parallel and are depending on the complexity of the project and the area of the object from one month to one year, and in the case of the uniqueness of the facility and the complexity of interior design and can last longer. The whole time creating the project design, a designer and the customer fairly dense and often communicate, discussing small and not very features of the home, office or shop. As a result of this interaction is born virtual project, which is expected to be a real man who would be able to translate the dream into reality. Ah yes Once the person is found, or several people, in the person of one decent company capable of such exploits, is again attracting designer on the so-called "supervision" to fail to detect the unpleasant effects of the intervention n-th number of its builders dream.

unique offer!
When entering into a contract for repair and design - 50% discount on the implementation of the project design

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