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Gael - apartment renovation, office renovation, interior design


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If you are looking for someone to do your apartment renovation for less money, then we suggest that you find a team of builders with a good reputation, who have done renovation for your friends. If a guarantee of great quality and a high level of service and safety is important to you and you do not want to waste your time monitoring workmen, then you made the right decision by coming to us.

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Despite the fact that our prices are 20-30% higher than a team of workmen, in the end the amount spent on apartment or office renovation will be the same. Besides the difference in the quality of the renovation and the advantage of our design projects, the company takes responsibility for possible risks and unpleasant issues that may arise. Imagine a situation where workers ruined a $5000 Jacuzzi, then disappeared. This will not happen when you work with us.

You can see our price-list on the following pages prices for renovation and prices for design.

unique offer!
When entering into a contract for repair and design - 50% discount on the implementation of the project design

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