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Apartment renovation, office renovation, interior design

Gael - apartment renovation, office renovation, interior design


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The main criterion of our work is what our customers are saying. Repair offices and private apartments can be considered quality, like when the customer.

We are glad to present positive feedback on our work from companies from around the world. For understandable reasons, we were unable to put in this section of the complimentary views of thousands of private clients whose apartment after repairs have become fresh, beautiful and cosier.

The company "Tetaklimat "- http://www.tetaclimat.ru/ - Conditioners
The company "Skol" - http://www.skol-mos.ru/ - Stretch ceilings
The "Core Noir" - http://www.carre-noir.ru/ - Stretch ceilings
The company "FransDeko'R"- http://www.france-decor.ru/ - Decorative plaster
The company "MaksDekor"- http://www.maxdecor.ru/ - Decorative plaster
The company "Astarte Prestige" - http://www.peregorodka.ru/ - Office Partitions
The company "NAYADA" - http://www.nayada.ru/ - Office Partitions
The company "Parquet Hall"- http://www.parquet-hall.ru/ - Parquet
Company "Ark-parquet" - http://www.kovcheg-parket.com/ - Parquet
The company "Daystrim"- http://www.parket-junckers.ru/ - Parquet Junkers
The company "EVIG"- http://www.evig.ru/ - Parketnaya board
Company "UNION" - http://www.dveriunion.ru/ - doors
"Master Lock" - http://www.masterlock.ru/ - Metal doors
"Professional security firm owner Golstrim" - http://www.gulfstream.ru/services/flat/ - Security Systems
"International Fire Prevention Center" - http: // www.firecenter.ru/ - Fire protection system
"Firm Termoros"- http://www.termoros.com/ - Heating
Ltd. "Glass Sector" - http://www.steklosektor.ru/ - mirrors, glass
The company "Schick" - http://www.scic.ru/ - Kitchens, an electrician
"NikKon" - http: // www.nickon.ru/ - Furniture from Italy.
"Individual security systems firm Titan" - http://titan-z.ru/gsm.html

unique offer!
When entering into a contract for repair and design - 50% discount on the implementation of the project design

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