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Apartment renovation, office renovation, interior design

Gael - apartment renovation, office renovation, interior design

Offices repairs

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Each customer, depending on its requirements for repair or office space, we will offer a customized solution.
We offer you a simple repair of office decoration to scale reconstruction with the original building design solutions.

For convenience, we have introduced a classification of repairs, reflecting price preferences of customers.

  • Cosmetic
  • Economy
  • Suite
  • Elite

Each class corresponds to a characteristic of work with the application certain materials.

Office space renovation

We also offer repair office on a turnkey basis. This service is for those who prefer to get all together, quickly and for less money. Our masters, do the work requiring the involvement of the five companies of different profiles.

  • Project and repairs
  • Interior Design
  • Supply of office furniture
  • Supply and setting office equipment
  • Setting domestic ATS
  • Setting up a computer network
  • Connecting to the Internet
  • Any other work necessary for the functioning of the office

Integrated approach to repair or office space would avoid burdensome control over the timing and pace of work, performed not interacting with each other companies. Working on a 5 to 1, we optimally organize the repair process and monitor the quality at all stages.

To implement this approach, the necessity of building design.

Design Project
This type your office yet in the form of arhitektorskih plans and drawings. You will see how we will look in the light of the possible room for Reconstruction and color decisions. Know what construction and decoration materials will be "skeleton" and "clothing" ceilings, walls, floors, doors and other structural elements or office space. Also be able to measure the stylistic decision that creates interior, in accordance with the company's image.
More than visualize the entire future interior design and office space will allow computer 3D-visualization.

As we work
After your call arranged a meeting with our designer-architect in the office of the company or the place to be repaired. But you discuss ideas and proposals, or a list of the necessary work is not required if a design project.

After approving the general idea, we sign a contract to develop a design project for the regulation of the timing and nature of work (see sample contract in Section examples of treaties ).
Since then, the designer begins work on a thumbnail-design project. Soon he would submit to you perspective drawings premises, which will be reflected in the concept of interior options, 2-3. In parallel, they are working on the technical part of the project. Compiled drawings, plans and schemes. They will be working construction brigade.

Office space renovation

Once SKETCH - the idea is approved by you, specialist visits to the site to make a calculation for cost estimates. The company performing the work of specialists-Cost, in accordance with regulatory requirements and professional canons.

Ready detailed estimates of detail is different in each case and internal facilities. You will see how the work will be done and what materials they needed. You will be able to discuss the need and feasibility of these works and even change them.

Then you estimate the total specified in the budget and decide it suits you or not.

If the price is consistent with the declared your budget for the renovation of office, we will sign a contract row, where they can see all the timing and method of payment (see sample contract under examples of treaties ).

At this stage, you get to know the personal manager, who will deal with all technical matters until the end of the repair office. It monitors compliance with the timing of repairs, responsible for liaison with subcontractors, and will submit the reports for you satisfied works. In addition, you can always call and ask any important issue maintenance chief of the department on work with clients.

After that the actual repair work begins. The end of the repair marks the signing of the act of putting on the two-acceptance agreements (agreement on the development of the project design and contract a row). Then the company gives a 5 - year guarantee on the work performed. The warranty period begins on the date of issue of acceptance of delivery under the contract involved.

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unique offer!
When entering into a contract for repair and design - 50% discount on the implementation of the project design

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