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18.10.2013 - Letter of thanks from OOO BIO-RAD

19.12.2007 - Specialists were in the role of a well-known expert on the pages of the publication NEW HOUSE article about the features of erecting interior walls .

04.12.2007 - Collaborator Stroygruppy Gale made in a live TV transmission in "Delo time", telling viewers about repairing apartments .

21.11.2007 - As part of its cooperation with the publication of "Building ARX" in Room 08 (22) for the year 2007 published an article by our expert on the selection flooring for the office space and accommodation

16.10.2007 - In section References added feedback ZAO AKB "Forabank "- thanks for the high level of professionalism, quality and the rapid execution Works

25.08.2007 - In connection with a change in Russian law have changed Stroygruppy Gale legal address, HPI and the PPC (see "Attributes")

20.08.2007 - Specialists Stroygruppy Gale invited as consultants building portal yondi.ru

14.08.2007 - Stroygruppa Gale continues to participate in joint work with the magazine "Home. Practice comfort." Section appeared new article

01.07.2007 - The company strictly followed Russian law and moved to settlements with the customers strictly rubles (1 USD = 27 rubles .).

24.01.2007 - Stroygruppy Gale specialists have developed and launched the project Studio repair UTA for integrated repair apartments and offices

23.10.2006 - The specialists of our company, preparing materials for harmonizing facility in Moscow, took part in the creation of thematic transfer "in Russian Western, which went on air RBC - for us it was a the tenth, "jubilee", broadcast on television! Trust professionals!

13.06.2006 - Our leading manager of the hotel Ivan Berezun participated in the fixation of "Good Morning", which goes to the central "Channel". As part of the ether, our specialist explained the technology of the plastering and painting-finishes. We are confident that this information will prove to be truly useful to the huge television audience "First Channel."

12.05.2006 - The company congratulates you on May holidays as a gift, and invites you to take advantage of our special offer: we develop your FREE DRAFT ESKIZNY when ordering repairs on a turnkey basis.

03.04.2006 - Our leading project manager Alexander Kindeev participated in the fixation of "Good Morning", which goes to the central "Channel". As part of the ether, our specialist explained the intricacies of work on the tree, as well as give practical advice on the care of carpentry tools. We are confident that this information will prove to be truly useful to the huge television audience "First Channel."

21.02.2006 - Chief Architect of our company Zakharov Andrei Kirillovich participated in the Expanded HR interview to a popular edition of the elite personnel. " In this interview with our specialist explained the intricacies of design and architecture in general and the problems that may face the Customer, in the case of an election as unfair Contractor Design Studio.

16.01.2006 - Successfully and just-in-time repairs were completed - finishing works in the Moscow office of the world's largest oil transportation company Transneft AK. " The share of the company accounted for 93% of all transportation of oil produced in Russia, and we are glad that we can fully satisfy the demands of even the most demanding customers.

27.12.2005 - We are happy to inform you that our company has become a winner in the competition prestizhneyshem "Quality Model 2005 conducted by Twin Plus" among Moscow's repair companies. For the current, 2005, we have proved in practice that deserve the highest of the awards.

09.12.2005 - Our Leading specialist in agreement redevelopment Surovova Aleksandra Mikhailovna participated in a record transfer Developments Moscow time "on the TVC television channel. In light of the new regulation of Moscow Government dated 15 November 2005 in the framework of our specialist ether described the intricacies of harmonizing procedures, as well as the difficulties that might be encountered owners of apartments in cases where redevelopment has not been agreed upon, in accordance with the current legislation.

14.11.2005 - Introducing a new service company Feng-Shui Your Home Project . Certified Specialist Feng-Shui teach correctly understand the changing needs of your personality and translate this understanding into lifestyle and interior homes.

09.11.2005 - Specialists took part in the transfer of "More positive" on the TV O2. In a live Leading questions answered chief architect of the company Andrei Zakharov Kirillovich. Spectators received professional advice on space planning and interior design.

18.10.2005 - Specialists once again addressed the role of a well-known expert on the publication of the ideas of your home. In article, devoted to the fight with the construction mould, together with colleagues from the firm Supersan MK (disinfection work ) gave some tips on how to deal with this pressing problem.

28.09.2005 - Design Studio Stroygruppy Gale won annual competition among design studios in Moscow by an" Shamrock Glen. " Our work has been recognized as the best in the prestigious nomination "Golden Design Project 2005."

08.09.2005 - Employees of the company successfully trained in the studio France Dekor 3000 , which specializes in working with elite decoration materials. Participants received certificates of training and are ready to apply the knowledge learned in working with clients.

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