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Gael - apartment renovation, office renovation, interior design


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Does your company service author supervision? And if so, how much it cost?
Yes, we carry out supervision. Its cost - 10800 rub. per month (minimum 1 exit to the site a week). And if the repairs performed by our company, we offer customers a discount of 50%.

In a style architects prefer to work with your company?
All of our architects, designers are professionals of the highest class and generalists. They can work in any style and constantly carry out a wide variety of designs of our customers, both in the design of flats, and in the design of offices and business interiors.

What is the cost for a comprehensive repair?
Integrated repair costs in our company in our clients 9000 rub. per 1 square meter. It includes absolutely everything, from interior design to installation.

And how many black faces materials
The price of black material averaging 35-45 percent of the estimated cost of operations.

Tell us about your job.
In our great state of permanent workers. Almost all of them from Moscow and the Moscow region, but there are workers and from the regions. But do not worry: all professionals, regardless of the address of residence, work legally. A full responsibility for the work performed on your site, bears our firm.

And who specifically monitors the performance of work literate?
For each object assigned project manager. He is responsible for the proper organization and quality performance, compliance time frame specified in the contract, the relationship with subcontractors and supervision of their work. He gives the client reports on how satisfied works, and so on money spent on materials.

Is project manager will be on duty all the time in the facility?
The frequency of his appearances defined need, but usually it is present at the site every day.

How do you want to pay for your services?
At any kind of payment for services of our organization happens in stages, as indicated in the contract, which is between Stroygruppoy Gale "and the customer. Under a contract drawn up a financial plan (one of the annexes to the treaty), in which all the works are divided into stages, schedules perform this work and the date of payment. Before starting work paid 50% of the first stage and after a stage where phase of work performed and accepted by the customer, has already paid 50% of the works, etc.

A garbage Renovated apartments will bring client
No, of course. We have exported rubbish, and the estimate for the work is negotiated.

You can count on any discount in your company?
Of course. About discounts at any time to talk with the leadership of the company.

Hardly anyone would doubt that your company has a licence ...
U "Stroygruppy Gale" there are 2 licence expiry date until 2008. They give us the right to engage in the design and construction of buildings and structures II level of responsibility (permitted to operate on the construction of buildings and structures to a height of 40 meters).

You communicate with customers only their homes or can be come to you in the office?
Please come, we will be only happy. Our office is located at: Moscow, and Alexander Street Zoi Kosmodemyanskih, 9 home, office 6. (near metro station Voykovskaya). The office operates on weekdays from 10 to 18 hours. Agree with our specialists and the gateway at any time convenient for you.

Your objects are not secret firms, customers can see them?
Yes, without problems. Come and see.

Who in the apartment or office repairs made to procure all materials: you or the clients themselves?
"Drafts buy our materials forwarders on-demand project managers. But finishing materials, which directly affect the interior design, customers must buy themselves. However, if a customer is not sure, he can ask for help architects, designers, having paid their working hours (1500 rub/4 hours of work).

What guarantees gives your company?
All performed maintenance and construction work, we give 2-year warranty. Our works are insured against damage to third parties. And as a bonus to our customers - the company, at its expense, insures our work for the entire warranty period, a drop of 2 years from the date of issue of acceptance of delivery works.

This is service! Maybe you have an apartment after the repair done?
It is. When everything works, we will certainly make a thorough cleaning. You do not have to worry!

unique offer!
When entering into a contract for repair and design - 50% discount on the implementation of the project design

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