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Fung-Shui project

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Harmony in the home - harmony in business! Fung-shui project!

With pleasure, we present our new service "Fung-Shui in Your Home".

Fung-Shui is a science and ancient art for creating a harmonious space. In Chinese, Fung-Shui means, "wind-water". This science considers a person and his surrounding environment to be a system of intertwining energies, and intersects with contemporary trends in Su-Jok medicine. It maintains that there are currents of subtle energies, which influence a person's life. If they are used properly, you can become more successful, wealthier, and bring harmony to family relationships and other areas of life.

Su-Jok experts and a certified Fung-Shui specialist with a basic psychology background will create an energy portrait for you (they will determine how the overall 6 main energies create your individuality). Based on the data gleaned from this consultation, they will give you life style and living space renovation recommendations.

  • Fung-Shui consultation (psycho-energy portraits for the whole family or employees and a full diagnosis of the space)
  • Fung-Shui project for a house or apartment (in conjunction with the design project)
    • Energy map of the space;
    • State of the energy zones with desirable changes;
    • Psycho-energy condition of inhabitants (individual for each inhabitant and each family member in general);
    • Recommendations regarding room layout in conjunction with energy flow directions;
    • Recommendations on space design, detail and fragment harmony.
  • Fung-Shui accompaniment (Fung-Shui recommendations taking into consideration changes in the design project, practical advice for renovation without a design project)

Price list

What's included Timeframe Cost
Consultation 1 day $40/hr.
Fung-Shui project 5 working days From $5/m2
Design project support As necessary $40/hr.

unique offer!
When entering into a contract for repair and design - 50% discount on the implementation of the project design

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