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Apartment renovation

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Types of repairs

The company there is a system of classes repairs:

  • Business - class
  • Elite - Class
  • Exclusive
Apartment renovation

Corresponding to each class jobs in the required number of significant price level. This approach leads to the repair of apartments affordable to all categories of customers.

Under this classification, you can order repairs to the design project and without it.
If you prefer to repair apartment project design and redesign, we propose a simple and convenient solution. On calls, you go to a specialist company will seek feedback and makes all the necessary measurements. Then it takes 2-3 days to prepare an estimate of repair with a detailed description of the necessary work and related materials for each premises of the apartment or house.
If the price of repairing apartments you satisfied, we conclude the contract involved. Then all your personal manager decides.

Repairs on design project - a modern and creative approach to settle residential space.

Design Project

This type of your apartment yet in the form of arhitektorskih plans and drawings. You will see how we will look for a new apartment layout. Know what construction and decoration materials will be the basis and "clothing" ceilings, walls, floors, doors and other structural elements apartment. Also be able to measure the colour adjusting to the perception of preferential colors and accents.
More than amply provide a future interior design of apartment allow computer 3D-visualization. As we work
repair apartments begins with the unification of your wishes and our creative proposals. The best ideas will be implemented in the interior of your apartment.
Discussion and options occurs at a meeting a visiting architect or designer in the office of the company.

Apartment renovation

After approving the general idea we sign a contract to develop a design project for the regulation of the timing and nature of work (see sample contract under examples of treaties ).
Since then, the designer begins work on a thumbnail-design project. Soon he would submit to you perspective drawings of rooms and apartment space, which will be reflected in the interior design concept was 2-3 options. In parallel, they are working on the technical part of the project. Compiled drawings, plans and schemes. They will be working construction brigade. As soon as a thumbnail-the idea is approved by you, specialist visits to the site to make a calculation for cost estimates. The company performing the work of specialists-Cost, in accordance with regulatory requirements and professional canons. The estimate is made for each apartment facilities separately. You will see how the work will be done and what materials they needed. You will be able to discuss the need and feasibility of these works and even change them. In doing so, of course, given the technological features of the repair apartments.
Then you estimate the total specified in the budget and decide it suits you or not. If the declared price matches your budget for the renovation of flats, we sign a contract row, where they can see all the timing and method of payment. At this stage, you get to know the personal manager, who will deal with all technical matters until the end of the repair apartments. It monitors compliance with the timing of repairs, responsible for liaison with subcontractors, and will submit the reports for you satisfied works.
In addition, you can always call and ask any important issue maintenance chief of the department on work with clients.
purchase materials for the repair is carried out in two steps. The so-called "black" materials (fillers, primers, pipes, wires, gypsum board, etc.), which rely more and more on the quality of repair, buy our forwarders. Finishing materials, creating a mood of the interior, buy your own. If you purchase seem complicated, our designers to advise you directly to the stores. Such consultation visiting estimated at 20 u.e for 4 hours with the client.
If the design project involves redevelopment flats, it would need to agree in ERM. We decide the matter expeditiously, so you from unnecessary troubles. The process of harmonization of redevelopment begins with the signing of the treaty and ends at the hands of obtaining permits (for more details see section harmonization redevelopment ). After that the actual repair work begins. The end of the repair marks the signing of the act of putting on the two-acceptance agreements (agreement on the development of the project design and contract a row). Then the company gives 5 - summer guarantee in the works performed. The warranty period begins on the date of issue of acceptance of delivery under the contract involved.

Additional services:

The author escorts project

This service is intended primarily for those who are professional opinion, it is important to a designer at all stages of repair apartments. When ordering the service, you get a "home" professional consultant with exquisite taste. He will oversee construction and other work that they are fully consistent with the idea of the interior of your favorites residential space.
Cost - $400 per month (with a minimum of 1 trip to the apartment per week).
Paid survey design elements of the apartment or house
This service will come to those who prefer to repair apartments with the most scrutinized budget. A specialist company will come to you and to make a diagnosis of major structures, internal engineering systems, as well as check the status of the walls and floors in all the rooms and buildings.
The data obtained will enable better plan and budget for the repair will reduce its timing.
Cost - $200-400.

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unique offer!
When entering into a contract for repair and design - 50% discount on the implementation of the project design

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